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Member Interviews: Daniel Didavi

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

On finding perspective —

“It was before my second operation that my father, who is from Benin in Africa, said: ‘Come on, I’ll take you to Africa for a week’ and so I went and I saw the people there. Benin is a poor country, there are probably counties that are even poorer, but there is certainly a lot of poverty.”

“I saw people that had nothing compared to us here, but still had the feeling that the people there though they clearly have their problems, laugh more, they are friendlier people. I loved playing football back then and it would have been a shame to give it up, but my outlook had changed completely. It also took the pressure off — not believing football is all there is”

On what makes football special —

“The World Cup shows it clearly: football connects people, football is fun. When, years ago, I went to the local football pitch people came along who did not know each other, but it didn’t matter, you all played together, no matter where you came from, no matter what you looked like, you just played. Football gave us freedom”

On Common Goal —

“One person alone cannot change the world, but when I see a person I can help, then I feel I’ve done something good even if it’s just for one person. That makes me happy. In the case of Common Goal, as a footballer, it’s great that we can team up. One percent of their salary — I think anyone can handle that. And if every footballer did, so much would come out of it. So, I think the concept is awesome and I didn’t have to think twice about participating”.

“The ideal scenario would be that at some point every professional footballer would donate one percent of their salary and that we then somehow can make the world a little bit better, especially in countries where there is a lot of poverty and where young people have no access to education. The world won’t suddenly become perfect because of us, but if we help every child that we can help, it’s worth it for me. So, my hope is for this to be as big as possible so that we can help children, In particular, to have a better life”.

Read the full interview here.

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