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Alex Hunter, star of EA’s FIFA19, joins Common Goal

More than a year since launching, Common Goal has amassed an incredibly diverse squad of players, coaches and organisations; all committed to changing the world through football. With players from Argentina to Uganda heeding the call and joining the team, it takes a lot to stand out amongst this bunch. The latest signing with virtual football star Alex Hunter bridges the gap between real world and virtual football, reaching a whole new audience for Common Goal.

As the star of The Journey, the popular story driven mode in the EA SPORTS FIFA video game series, Hunter is a football star in his own right. Since debuting in FIFA 17, fans have taken to the story and to the player himself with incredible enthusiasm; following Hunter’s rise from a young boy playing football on Clapham Common, to being Real Madrid’s latest Galactico, tasked with filling the shoes of the departing Cristiano Ronaldo.

In addition to placing Common Goal in the game, EA has donated $200,000 to streetfootballworld, the organisation that launched Common Goal last summer, in support of the movement and its capacity to drive progress towards achieving the UN Global Goals with the aid of football.

The EA SPORTS FIFA video game series has always placed an emphasis on how the player’s decisions both on and off the pitch impact the storyline, as they traverse the challenges of being one of football’s brightest up and coming stars. This year is no different, with the final instalment of the trilogy, The Journey: Champions, giving players the opportunity to take the pledge as Alex Hunter and join the Common Goal team with the aim of increasing awareness of the movement.

Gamers may even spot the familiar faces of other Common Goal members welcoming Alex to the Common Goal team in game.

While players and coaches have made up the bulk of those who have taken the pledge thus far, the ultimate aim of Common Goal is to make 1% the standard across the entire football industry. That is 1% of earnings of all those generating income with the game — whether it’s played on the pitch or the console — putting it back into football for good organisations all across the globe and fighting to make the world a better place.

Common Goal is uniting the football community in tackling the greatest social challenges of our time. And we can use your help. Join the team at www.common-goal.org

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